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Callie: Santana, talk. What’s wrong?
Santana: For the 50th time, nothing is wrong.
Callie: Oh, so you came all the way here to just sit here and not talk?
Santana: Yeah, maybe I did.
Callie: I don’t believe that.
Santana: It’s not that easy. I don’t know how to talk about it.
Callie: Well I’ll wait.
Santana: I’m gay.
Callie: What?
Santana: I’m a lesbian, and I have a girlfriend, and I’m in love with her. Her name’s Brittany. I’m in love with her, and that scares the hell out of me, Aunt Callie. I just needed to be around someone who I know wouldn’t care. I just needed to be away from there. I just needed you.
Callie: You can talk to me about it.
Santana: Maybe.
Callie: When you’re ready?
Santana: Yeah.
Callie: Well I’ll wait. Whenever you’re ready, I’m ready. It’s okay to be scared.
Santana: I’m not scared.
Callie: You don’t have to be afraid to admit that you’re scared. It’s scary. I know.
Santana: Do you still love me?
Callie: Are you kidding me? Of course I do. You’re my niece.
Santana: Good. Promise?
Callie: Promise.

Dream Grey’s & Glee crossover scene | Santana Lopez & Callie Torres (for calliopetorres)


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Quinntana in suit.

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“Don’t worry Q, you know we got your back.”

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AU: It’s Ms.Lopez’ first day as a teacher at Mckinley and she finds three very inappropriate students.

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Faberrittana AU → The Avengers

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